Agricultural Timesheets

Labor is one of the largest management costs for agricultural businesses. The management costs related to employees losing time sheets, correcting time reporting errors, and data entry for payroll and reporting adds up quickly. These increased costs make large-scale impacts on the bottom lines of ag organizations.
AgriPay simplifies agricultural timesheet management by recording, verifying and reporting on labor costs for your farm. AgriPay is developed specifically for the agricultural industry and provides a seamless solution to employee and payroll management.

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Types of Agricultural Timesheets

The labor necessary for row crops, permanent crops and field crops differs dramatically. For each crop type a different agricultural timesheet solution is necessary. Paper timesheets, RFID time cards and digital timesheet apps are the most common types of agricultural timesheets.

Paper Timesheets for Agriculture

Paper time sheets are used by field crops and permanent crop farms because of their versatility. Since the labor pool is dynamic in these industries, paper timesheets allow managers to have a flexible solution for time tracking. The cons of paper timesheets are that they can be lost easily, have to be entered manually into a digital database and allow for time reporting fraud by employees.

RFID Cards Timesheets for Agriculture

RFID cards are a modern way to create a traditional clock-in/clock-out time tracking system. RFID cards are loaded with employee information that is scanned by an on premise time box. This data is uploaded to a time keeping software that doesn’t require employers to manually enter labor data. The disadvantages of RFID cards are the initial setup costs, cards can be lost by employees and the requirement for employees to be in a specific location to clock-in and clock-out.

Digital Timesheet Apps

Digital timesheet apps allow for employees to easily monitor employee activity, can be accessed from mobile and desktop devices, and automatically sync all employee time data together. Digital timesheet apps are becoming the standard for row crop farmers who have a consistent workforce performing labor activities.

AgriPay is the leader in digital timesheets for the agriculture industry. Online and offline time management, synchronization of employee time, and data reporting for your payroll provider are all built into the software.

Why are agricultural timesheets important?

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Understanding the costs associated with managing your farm is critical to having a profitable enterprise. Costs like insurance, rent, equipment repairs, seed, and fertilizer should all be accounted for — but the biggest cost and management hassle for farms is labor.
Accurately recording labor costs helps leverage your workforce most effectively and maximize productivity. Agricultural timesheets enable you to monitor employee performance, but more importantly allows operators to accurately quantify labor costs related to their organization. This accurate labor cost recording helps create greater profitability for your organization.

Furthermore, agricultural timesheets provide a record of the hours an employee has worked and highlights what type of work they’ve undertaken and where they performed the work. Due to the strict regulations governing the ag industry, it’s vital for organizations to keep accurate records. When farms use a digital agricultural timesheet app like AgriPay, operators can be sure they have a comprehensive database of records that can be accessed at any time.

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How does digital agricultural timesheets help employers?

Digital agricultural timesheets simplify your business. Whether farms are planning projects in advance, ensuring compliance, or calculating how much an employee should be paid, a digital timesheet ensures farms have the data they need at their fingertips.
What’s more — AgriPay’s unique system enables employees and managers to access timesheets from mobile devices and allows authorized users to update their information when a job is complete. With the ability to monitor your workforce from any location, AgriPay helps farms digitally transform their agricultural business.