Agricultural Safety Training & Compliance

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In agriculture, safety is of great importance to the farmers, workers, and the entire agricultural community. Whether it is lost time, decreased productivity, or workers compensation issues, everyone wants to make sure that farmers and their workers have the right safety training. Staying safe and in compliance with the safety regulations gives farmers more time to focus on productivity and profits.

At Agri Pay, our customers know the importance of making sure that their operation runs efficiently and that starts with safety. In agriculture, Safety training is typically something that is done once a year and hopefully records are kept. With increased scrutiny on the agriculture community, doing what is required can be costly for you. Our Agri Pay mobile and web apps help you to deliver training, document who received it, and keep the records on our platform for as long as you need to.

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In agriculture, there are many different types of training that you may want to give your employees or be required to give your employees. If you are using pesticides, operating heavy equipment, or handling certain types of fruits or vegetables you may need to deliver and document other types of training as well.

Worker Protection Standard Training

Administered by the EPA, the Worker Protection Standard (WPS) training is focused on safety for workers around pesticides. This training is required annually for any worker on an operation that uses pesticides. In the Agri Pay app, you will find all of the WPS videos and resources available to you in English and Spanish. You and your workers can watch the videos and review the materials at any location and at any time. You can also have your workers sign a touchscreen to document this training, which will be immediately stored on the platform for your convenience.

State Agriculture and OSHA Training

Each state has different requirements for agricultural safety training and OSHA standards for your workers. At Agripay, we work with you and the state to put all relevant training materials on the platform for you and your workers to access.

Proprietary Training

Many companies will have their own training, whether it is a series of videos, handbooks, or other materials that they want their workers to review. These can be hosted on the platform and viewed by your workers at any time.

For all of these training materials, you can assign your employees tasks on the Agri Pay platform, prompt them to complete the training, and check if they have completed the training — all from your phone or computer.

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Agriculture is a labor intensive industry. Your workers need to be properly trained to not put themselves or others in harm’s way. While some accidents are unavoidable, many others can be prevented. These accidents lead to loss of products, productivity, and profit.

In addition to delivering the training, farmers are also required to document that it was completed. Dependent on the type of training, you may be required to keep this documentation for several years in case of an audit. Today, these are typically paper documents that are easily lost or destroyed, which could create issues for your business in the case of an audit.

Agri Pay will help you document the safety training your employees complete, as well as store these documents for you on our platform with access available at your fingertips any time you need it. This will give you and your staff more time to focus on driving greater productivity and profits for your business.

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